Star Flights

Air India Virtual Pilots can now fly online using the Call Sign of any of the Star Alliance airlines. This is subject to certain rules which need to be followed mandatorily. The rules are as follows :-

  1. When flying online a minimum of 50 % of all your flights per month MUST  be flown using  " Air India" or " Express India" Call Signs. If this is not strictly adhered to by any member , the logged pireps using any other Star alliance call signs during that month are liable to be deleted or rejected. OFFLINE flights MUST be flown using any Air India Call Sign Only. There will be NO exceptions to the 50% rule , No matter what the circumstances are. Example :If your count of Star Alliance callsign flights is 2 at the end of the month , ensure that you log a minimum of 2 pireps in that month itself using an Air India Callsign.

  2. When filing an Online Flight Plan , The remarks box (RMK) must indicate a reference to our VA site as follows:  Star Alliance flight

    The above is also a MANDATORY requirement, If any online plans are found to be without the above mentioned remarks. The pireps are liable to be rejected or deleted. The above mentioned remark should be indicated for the entire duration of the flight from start of flight to finish. If that is not the case then the pirep will be rejected.


The above rules should be followed to be able to fly in the virtual skies the huge variety of airlines which are members of the Star Alliance. 27 airlines on last count. No requests via mails or messages, for any deviation from the above rules will be entertained.  Please do not attempt to mail HR or any staff members with any such requests.